Sydney Parties. Eine objektive unpolemische Zustandsbeschreibung aus gegebenem Anlaß.

We won't mention names / But why don't you ever shut up? / You're constantly talking / And I just can't keep up / Conversation's a joke / Is your head made of oak? / Endlessly blabbing / But sometimes it feels like you're stabbing / Shut up!/ Shut up! / Shut the fuck up!! / Bragging and lying / So you won't have to stop / I've got to get out / My head's about to pop / You know who you are / C'mon gimme a break / You go on and on / Until I feel faint / Shut up! / Shut up! / Shut up! / What are you, deaf?? / SHUT UP!!

(D.R.I., Shut-Up!)

[Herr Ober! Ein Schälchen Galle für Tisch 3!]