Everything you know is wrong

Thanks to a lovely present from my visiting friend A., I am currently plowing my way through The Disinformation Book of Lists. Strictly for list heads, granted, but still: fascinating reading. Well, fascinating if, like me, you're genuinely interested in, amongst other things:
39 Famous People Who Used Drugs, including Nobel Prize-winners, classic writers, famous physicians, and Cary Grant (!)
13 Innocent People Who Went to Prison
12 Strange Drugs, like carbogen, arsenic, and salamander brandy
36 Botched Executions
63 Gay Animals
4 Unreleased Raunchy Songs
18 Biblical Atrocities
16 Movies Banned in the US
12 Things to do With Your Body After You’re Dead
The CIA's 25 Tips for Interrogating a Prisoner
17 Questions You'll be Asked When Applying to Become an FBI Agent, and (of course)
9 Visitors Who Died at Disneyland
The mind literally boggles.