Unabashed Slowpoke advertisement

I see there's hope for me still in the fashion stakes. Hope for me, and the whole of Australia. Judging by the German blogosphere, flip-flops are the hottest thing over there since David Hasselhoff. You know that something's wicked fashionable in Germany when they start referring to it by the English name (instead of the good ole' German term I grew up with: Badelatschen), or worse still, they make something up that sounds English but means bugger all (mobiles/cell phones are, apparently, Handys over there...). Ah well, I'll still use my cheapo ones, mainly to swat mozzies.
Check here if you want to know which other wardrobe rejects you might want to resurrect. In fact, check out Jen Sorensen's page and work! Been a fan of Slowpoke for a while and thought it's about time for an ad on these pages. And she blogs, too!