Radio news

Just heard this on the radio whilst walking home / gerade im Radio auf dem Nachhauseweg gehört:
Hundreds of thousands of people across the Houston metropolitan area struggled to make their way inland in a bumper-to-bumper exodus as Hurricane Rita closed in on the fourth-largest US city with winds howling at 241kph. Drivers ran out of petrol in 14-hour traffic jams or looked in vain for a place to stay as hotels hundreds of kilometres away filled up. (...) Service stations reported running out of petrol and police officers carried petrol to motorists who ran out. Texas authorities also asked the Pentagon for help in getting petrol to drivers stuck in traffic. (via Sydney Morning Herald)
Houston running out of petrol...American gas-guzzling monster truck imitations being abandoned as useless steel hulks by the wayside because they ran out of petrol after being totally stationary for hours... Out of petrol... In Texas. No oil to be had, not even for blood. Excuse me while I go and look for my sense of empathy.

Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii Benzin in Houston. In der jetzigen Situation würden so manche Texaner wahrscheinlich gerne Blut gegen Öl eintauschen, und diesmal zur Abwechslung sogar ihr eigenes. Manchmal hat das blöde Schicksal eben doch noch die besten Witze.