Gay Hookers for Bush Unite!

Alright, a little something today for you Anglophones out there. This story is too bizarre for words, and if it didn't take place in the good ole' US of A, you'd swear blind it was made up. But nope sirree, it's all real. I'd like at this point in time to opt for the film rights - if you can't turn this into a decent potboiler, quit writing.

Anyhoo, there was this young man in the Washington Press Gallery, you see. Came out of nowhere and said his name was Jeff Gannon and that he was a freelance journalist for a web-based news organisation called "Talon News". Now, even for the lickspittle, spineless wonders of the American media assembled in and around the White House, little Jeff seemed a little, well, lickspittle. He constantly lobbed soft questions at government politicians and spokespeople, which they then ran with and used to expound on the great policies of the Bush administration.

And here's the great bit: not only does it look increasingly likely that Gannon was paid by the administration to ask favourable questions (a corrupt journalist? Surely not!), nope, he seems to have been a gay hooker not so long ago. Being issued with a press pass by and in the employ of the most homophobic US administration in recent memory...

Do yourself a favour: surf over to AMERICABlog, read up on it, check out Jeff in various states of undress on various gay escort sites and laugh until tears run down your cheeks. I did. Only in America...

(Link via the ever-entertaining and informed Tom Tomorrow. Tip o' the hat!)