Stating the bleedin' obvious

Pervez Musharraf states what everyone with an ounce of common sense knew all along:

"The war on terror has made the world less safe and is not addressing the underlying causes of conflict, Pakistan's president has told the BBC. (snip) 'We are not addressing the core problems,' he told Newsnight. 'Therefore we can never address it in its totality. We are fighting it in its immediate context, but we are not fighting it in its strategic, long-term context.' He said a war on terror needed to combat the political disputes and social inequalities that gave rise to extremism. 'What gives rise to a young man or woman to give up her or his life? It is the political disputes and we need to resolve them and also illiteracy and poverty. These combined are breeding grounds of extremism and terrorism.'"

You don't say. I'm now waiting for the wingnuts to announce that, really, what do you expect from such a bleeding heart, left-wing, liberal do-gooder like Musharraf.