The, like, Australian guys, like, you know?

This is already a couple of weeks old but too good to pass up on. Paris Hilton, the woman who proves conclusively that you do not have to be born and raised poor to be white trailer park trash, shot a film in Queensland recently. Granted, Queensland is Australia in extremis, Hilton's testimony and opinions (and, let's face it, plain existence) is possibly less than reliable and this is not exactly scientific but bugger it - this ain't no sociology site, hoss.

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, she characterised Australian men thus:

"They are not exactly leaving me alone," Hilton said of the local lads. "Guys in LA don't act like the guys here. The guys here are very polite but they're also very pushy. Just walking the street guys are really screaming out and, like, I don't know, they're not shy.

I'm just, like, getting weird letters. Like, guys will walk up to me and give me a letter or else send presents to my hotel. [The letters are] just, like, 'Call me', 'I wanna marry you', just, like, really weird stuff."

In summation: it might be time to have a good, long, hard look at yourself, when the American Paris Hilton, the skankiest, nastiest, cheapest, most vulgar and most tasteless so-called "celebrity" going at the moment basically says, if she had but the words, that Australians have no class.

Oh well, Australians always go on and on about their supposed "classless society". Suppose they got that right.