Waugh is hell

Well, the Australian of the Year has just been announced. And it is - strap yourselves in, folks! - A CRICKETER! Who would've thunk it. Steve Waugh, a man with a personality as sparkling as a Windows application, who until recently spent his time captaining the Australian Cricket Team. Which is internationally reknowned for spending inordinate amounts of time each match commenting on the opposing team's player's mothers and/or wives and/or girlfriends. Couple of other people were nominated for Australian of the Year, pursuing such supremely unimportant and frankly un-Australian activities as being cancer researchers, Aboriginal reconciliation activists or lobbyists for the environment. Oh, and they're women, so they pretty much shouldn't even have bothered preparing an acceptance speech.

Steve bloody Waugh. No-one was more important, apparently, last year, no-one did more to further Australia as a culture and society than a cricketer. Honestly, sometimes I despair. Fuck it, I'm emigrating to Iceland.

But hey! Could've been Steve Irwin...