Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin is a dickhead

Nothing more to say really. For the uninitiated and expats (Hi Ciaran!): Irwin took his baby boy Bob into a crocodile enclosure and held him in one arm, while feeding a fuck-off huge crocodile (the whole story is here). And the thing he regrets about it is, wait for it... that he got filmed doing it!!

He said: ""What I would do differently is I would make sure there were no cameras around (...) I will continue to educate my children and the children of the world so they don't go into the water with crocs...When I was a very small boy, my dad did the same for me."

Undoubtedly. And it never did him any harm. And educate the children of the world??? Steve bloody Irwin???? You're having a giraffe, mate. Yep, the children of the world (minus, of course, the overwhelmingly large number of countries where children will never get into the water with crocs BECAUSE THERE ARE NO BLOODY CROCS THERE) really need educating by Stevo.

And judging by the unmitigated brain pus above, ole' Stevo by now suffers from a serious case of megalomania. And that man represents Australia overseas (yea, I know, possibly quite fittingly so).

Oh, by the way: Steve Irwin is a serious contender for "Australian Of The Year". Would you believe it? And he's going to win, too. Oh well, at least not little Lleyton fucking Hewitt again or another boring cricketer.