Go Arnie! Go Arnie! Go Arnie!

Arnold for Governor of California!!!! Yay!!! Go Arnie!!!!!! Soon California will have the governor it deserves; and, by extension, the US the proper global representation. I can't wait! What better person to head one of the most powerful states in the US (and hence, alas, the world) in these times than some macho muscle hunk with a latent Hitler fascination, who made his fortune playing depersonalised killing machines?

Arnold for president I say!! For a complete confluence of message and medium!! Dubya was a good choice already - dumb as shite, spoilt white rich brat, massive backing from oil companies... Yep, that befits the Septics. However, the little weasel's always a bit short on credibly projecting a threatening front in the "we will kick your fucking head in if we please" kind of way. Arnie should be able to fix that - Arnie for Prez!!!

But first pleasepleaseplease let him win California. Check the results here - if they manage to actually run a proper election for a change... Hanging chad anyone? Let's see how utterly removed from our planet Americans really are. And, oh joy! oh frabjous day!, finally being able to shut up all these fucking Californian backpackers who crawl all over my neighbourhood, snorting daddily's cash up their nose-jobs, with just one word: Arnie. Everytime they bleat about crap on the bus, whinge on about everything and generally bore everyone to death, we can just turn around and quietly say: "Arnie. Now fucking shut it."